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The love story between a male student and his school girlfriend would be beautiful without the appearance of intern teacher Ibuki Kanon. Because he is a special student and the worst student in the class, he She is often tutored by the lecherous teacher Ibuki Kanon every time after school. Gradually, the relationship between the two became more and more distant in terms of status but very close emotionally, so much so that the girlfriend became jealous, envious and had to have an affair with another guy. Knowing this, he was extremely angry and sad. At times like that, she came to comfort him and then love happened between the two. Over time, their love grew deeper and stronger, to the point where they both made secret love affairs right in the classroom and library without the slightest hesitation.

JUFE-243 Love story with an intern teacher with big breasts

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 Movie Code: JUFE-243 

 Movie Studio: Fitch 

 Actor: Ibuki Kanon 

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